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Service: Mirrors
Types: Plane/Two-way/Spherical/Lighted 
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Mirrors play a central role in everyday life. You will enjoy having mirrors in most, if not

all the rooms in your home or office. Adding mirrors to your space begins with choosing the right shape, style or size for every room. For example, a full-length mirror in the closet for functionality versus a round mirror on the hallway for aesthetics. Finding the right mirrors for your home begins with finding the right contractor to guide you through the design and installation of the mirrors.


The advantage of working with an experienced contractor is that you receive custom mirrors that add both functionality and style to your space. Once you communicate your needs, your contractor will help you customize every mirror to suit the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

There are different types of mirrors you can get customized for your residential or commercial space, such as:

Plane Mirrors

Plane mirrors come with a flat or planar reflective surface that gives an image that is virtually similar in size with the original object. Plane mirrors began with flat brass, copper and precious metal pieces, evolving into the modern mirror which comes with a thin plate of glass, which protects the surface from tarnish.

Two-way/One-Way Mirrors

Two-way mirrors are both reflective and transparent; an effect you can achieve by covering one side with a reflective material. These mirrors work when the light reflects the coated side, and back into the darker space behind the mirror, making it possible to see through the glass from one side. These are common for interrogation rooms, on surveillance cameras and in security observation rooms.

Spherical Mirrors

Spherical mirrors are either convex or concave: concave mirrors feature an inward curved glass like the inside of a spoon while convex mirrors face outwards, like the back of a spoon. Concave mirrors play around with light, giving you an enlarged image, which makes them the ideal choice for shaving mirrors. Convex mirrors on the contrast reflect a wider angle, giving you an image that is smaller than the original object and a bit distorted. They are best suited for parking garages and corridors.

Lighted Mirrors

Designed to provide additional lighting to a bathroom. A lighted bathroom mirror is a stylish and easy way to add the light that is needed for your morning routine. There are a wide range of lighted mirrors to choose from, whether you are looking for a mirror that is round or rectangle, small or large.