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Service: Glass Partitions
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Glass partitions give your space a modern, sophisticated, simple and practical look. Offices with traditional opaque partitions tend to make spaces appear cramped and smaller, while limiting communication between people sharing the space. Installing glass partitions allows people to see what is going around them, encouraging collaboration especially in the workplace.

Installing glass partitions is highly economical and environmentally friendly. However, switching to glass can create a bit if shock in the workplace. Here are a couple of things you need to know prior to installing glass partitions in your office:


The tough, tempered glass used on glass partitions makes them stronger than normal window glass. You can enjoy your daily activities without worrying about the glass breaking on impact.


While installation of glass partitions may allow more openness and communication between different people using the space; there are several options for you to continue enjoying the privacy you crave. For example, you can choose horizontal panels with frosting on the lower levels complete with clear glass at the top to break up the solid-wall fell while allowing in more light. Alternative, if you need total privacy, you can request for opaque glass.


Glass partitions will allow in more light and air into the space. Visitors and different people sharing the space will interact and share more. In the office, you will create a more casual feel, encouraging collaboration, which will gradually increase productivity.

No Building Permits

The best part about installing glass partitions is that you do not need permits from local authorities. Glass partitions are classified as furniture, as opposed to dry wall partitions, meaning that local authorities will not come to you demanding construction fees.

Utility Bills

Glass partitions allow more light into the room, reducing the amount of artificial lighting you need for the space. The installation of glass partitions also allows more air circulation, meaning you can reduce the amount of power you spend on air conditioning. Ultimately, the new glass partitions will help you reduce your power bills significantly.