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Service: Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures
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Innovation in showers began with curtains and metal rings, developing into into enclosed glass unit with a thin metal or rubber framing to today’s frameless glass units. Frameless showers have a beautiful aesthetic, with stronger glass to give it structural support. It is also easier to clean and gives you the option to choose whether to install your hinges on the right or on the left. There are several benefits to installing a frameless glass shower, such as:




Frameless showers come with different customizable options, allowing you to choose the glass that suits your needs. You can speak to your contractor to help you choose the color, thickness and type of glass you need for your bathroom.


Unlike their framed counterparts, frameless showers give your bathroom a clean and fresh look. They do not have the bulky rubber or metal edges seen in other showers. It also allows you to showcase any intricate designs you may have on the tiles or interiors of your shower.

Mold Prevention

Installing frameless showers reduces the number of places where water can collect and encourage the growth of mold. They are also easier to clean; you only need a squeegee, and once you wipe the glass, it is sparkling clean.


The biggest consideration to make when choosing frameless glass for your bathroom is the measurement and installation. While you may enjoy the occasional DIY project, glass is highly sensitive. You need to get a full service contractor to take the measurements, help you fine-tune the designs for your bathroom, guide you in purchasing the glass and complete the installation process. Working with one contractor ensures a seamless process, without the expenses incurred when you switch between service providers.