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Steel is widely versatile with a wide range of applications in both commercial and residential settings. The demand for custom steel is on the rise as more property owners realize that you can customize steel into different designs and shapes. You can use custom steel to improve aesthetics by creating a focal point or to improve functionality and organization in your space.
Proper design and customization of steel can greatly improve the aesthetics and overall value of your property. Customized steel is highly durable, easy to construct, reliable and recyclable, making it the perfect choice when looking to create an environmentally friendly space.

The Role of Fabricators

Naturally, it is best to leave the design and installation of custom steel to professional fabricators who have experience working with steel.

Steel fabricators employ a variety of techniques to create predefined and custom pieces from basic steel, preparing them for use in construction and in the manufacture of products. In construction, fabricators enjoy a close relationship with steel drafters, architects and detailers to help you bring your ideas to life.

Today’s steel fabrication takes advantage of high-tech software such as CNC machining to control and monitor different machines in the production process such as laser cutters, routers and welders. The addition of 3D modeling also makes visualization of different components easier. Computer software in custom steel fabrication means you can receive high quality products with absolute precision for installation in your space.

Uses of Custom Steel

The versatility of custom steel makes it applicable in the construction of various items in your house, for example, in creating spiral staircases or in railings for your deck. You can also use steel for partitions and for creation of storage shelves. The best part about custom steel is that you can get it in any size and shape for your space.

Types of Custom Steel

There are different types of custom steel you can get for your space. They include:

  • Steel for backsplash (with or without design or texture)
  • Steel for Railing Systems
  • Steel for custom shelves
  • Steel for Kitchen walls (commercial)
  • any application you may need in steel