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Service: Custom Closets
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A custom closet system helps you improve a space aesthetically and create order. Whether you want to install a kitchen pantry, a master walk-in closet or a kid’s closet, you must think about both aesthetics and functionality. You need to choose a contractor who understands your needs and is ready to work within your budget. You also need to think about the materials that will help you complement the overall décor of your space.

Some considerations to make when looking to install custom closet systems include:


Choose a Design

The best part about a custom closet system is that you can personalize the space completely to meet your storage needs. Make a list of the organization system you need and potential layout options. Prepare a list of the items you will store in the closet, and identify what you will use regularly versus what you will need occasionally. For example, if you are building an office closet for a creative team, you are likely to store sticky notes at the front where you can access them fast and easy. Run through your inventory and decide on the small, delicate details such as choosing a drawer versus shelves. Give yourself the permission to get creative and specific to ensure you get a space that is specific to your tastes and needs.  


Colors play an important role in defining a space; you need to choose your colors carefully. If you are installing shelves, drawers and cabinets, you can use a plain color as your walls may not show. However, if you choose a minimalistic design, your walls will show and a pop of color can improve the look of your closet. Have fun with different color combinations; for example, if you are creating a closet for children, colors can help them differentiate shelves for different items such as toys.


Once you settle on a design, you need to choose a contractor to help you with the installation process. The process will involve taking of measurements, choosing materials, installing different components and painting. Communicate your needs with your contractor and clear the way for them to complete customizing your closet space.